Optimistic​/​Desperate Reverie

by Dragging an Ox through Water

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an exercise in balladness from the early days of 2012. I was never gonna let it see the light of day, blame @beingtherewith.


I am full of hate,
Full of rage and ressentiment.
Fuck the cops and fuck the law,
It's been exposed illegitimate in full in the age of Shock and Awe.
My generation and the next are gonna tear it all down.
There won't be no comin' back or no turnin' around.
It's the death knell of the class relation of now.
Daddy we ain't makin' no demands,
but we'll fuck you up with our bare hands.

I can hardly wait
For the actions I anticipate.
Lovely objects come and go,
But a flame is always beautiful when it feeds on the means of the fuckers of now.
Combined Systems' burnt out shell wouldn't drain a tear;
And the poisonous business class in their luxury and fear would be shown;
And when General Atomics burns, it'll only be reapin' what it's sown (by the Reaper Drone).
Daddy's gonna say we're makin' violence
But we're just gettin' done with the means of the ones who do.

I am a clown of love,
Dissidentified from what's above.
Aping outrage well,
But I'm divesting stock in the legends I hear tell.
When the sun shines in my mouth, I can already hear
The crackling of my lungs in the fires of the year,
And the end of the wasted life of accepting arrears.
Daddy we ain't welchin' on a good debt,
We're just takin' back from the ones who mugged us in the womb.

Deeply negative,
stamping out the best that we can give.
Wishing our culture dead,
It's a death-cult and it's longing for itself.


released June 26, 2013